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We actively encourage clients to enjoy Own Boat Tuition if they already have a boat.  Courses on your own boat offer an efficient way of including family and friends in all aspects of your boating. Whether you want to complete an RYA course or simply have a day to “brush” up on any particular aspects of handling your own boat. Wherever you are (the location does not matter as we can travel to you), we can help you to build your confidence while learning more about your own vessel.

At Mendez Marine we have clients for our RYA courses from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the Middle East. We appreciate the investment you have made, so be it a Rib, Sports boat or even a 23 metre Fly Bridge Motor cruiser, our aim is to help you enjoy your boat by becoming more confident and safe.

We also are available for assisted passages where even more in depth knowledge can be imparted.

Priced at just £299.00 per day, on your boat and you can have up to 5 students (3 on smaller boats) which makes it great value.

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