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RYA Intermediate Powerboat (Coastal Cruising by Day)

Thinking of being more adventurous and going further afield, then the RYA Intermediate (Coastal Cruising) Powerboat course is a 2-day course and a natural progression from the RYA Powerboat level 2 as it aims to teach powerboating up to the standard required to safely complete a short coastal passage by day.

Don’t underestimate the importance and value of this course. The RYA Intermediate Powerboat course is the natural progression between the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course and the RYA Advanced Powerboat course.

How can I take this course?

  • On our school boat on our timetables.
  • On our school boat, in your group, you choose the dates.
  • On your own boat, we come to you.

The practical course is taught on our 7m Highfield Patrol rib , Swiss Too.  The classroom course is taught in the Mendez Marine Office.


Pre-course experience Candidates should be competent to the standard of Powerboat level 2  
 Assumed knowledge It is strongly recommended that the candidate hold a 1st aid certificate, a VHF operators certificate and has theory knowledge upto RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship or RYA Day skipper. 
 Minimum duration 2 days / 16 hours
 Minimum age 16 years
 Maximum Instructor : Student Ratio 3 : 1
 Course content Planning a Day cruise: pilotage, navigation, safety, fuel and engine checks. Boat handling and passage making: effects of waves and rougher conditions, berthing in different situations, use of GPS in high speed navigation and pilotage by day. 
 Course Materials supplied RYA Certificate,  
 Recommended Reading G13 RYA Powerboat Handbook, DSN RYA Dayskipper Shorebased Notes, G2 IRPCS, G69 Passage planning,G6 navigation Handbook
Ability after the course  Able to complete short coastal passages by day.

Support Courses: RYA Day Skipper Theory – online or classroom RYA Online Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course, RYA VHF Radio, RYA Sea Survival, RYA First Aid. 

Next Step:  RYA Advanced Powerboat,  RYA Coastal Yachtmaster / Coastal Theory,  Commercial endorsement

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