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Dangers associated with Petrol on boats

Very careful consideration should be given to whether you buy a Diesel or Petrol powered boat?  The exact cause of the explosion is unknown but it would appear to be a petrol powered boat at a fuel point. It only takes one spark in a confined space full of petrol vapour to cause such an explosion. In fact it doesn't need to be full of…
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Electronic Chart Plotters

Did you know Most chart plotters and electronic aids to navigation, just like your car SatNav, carry a warning when you first turn it on and you usually need to 'Accept' in order to progress to the main screen. Electronic charts are made for the leisure market and although all possible effort and care is taken to display the most up-to-date and accurate information, they are…
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Return to Boating – Post Corvid-19

Lets all go boating   It's been a long wait but many boaters are now able to get back out on the water.  Whilst we all want to get straight out and enjoy this great weather it is important to remember that before heading out we should be making sure everything is ship shape and ready to go.  The last thing we want is to…
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Theory knowledge refreshers – Speed Quizzes

Many of us have some extra time on our hands these days and whilst we would all probably prefer to be out on the water - we can't. Why not use this time, well a few minutes anyway, to attempt one of our 'Speed Quizzes'.  The quizzes are all based on the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster syllabus.  Each quiz contain 20 questions and…
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Online courses

Making the most of these troubling times Whether in self-isolation or unable to go to work for the next few weeks; now could be a good time to crack on and do those online courses that you have been promising yourself to do.  For many, 'Time' is a rare commodity, work and family pressures can easily consume our daily lives and somethings just never get…
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