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Have you harnessed the power of the wind and tide

Skill Building

Harness the tide

Mendez Marine is widely respected and known to be a specialist Motor and Powerboat school. We know what we are good at and we work hard to ensure that we do that well.

Boat handling under power doesn’t mean that we only use engines and disregard two of the great forces of nature, the wind and tide. Quite the opposite we teach students to harness the power of the wind and tide. Many students that have undertaken their training at Mendez Marine will happily tell you that their boat is powered by four engines! Yes, four engines, Port, Starboard, Wind and Tide.

If, as a boater, you walk down the pontoon and see a strong tide running you can either worry about leaving your berth or embrace the free power source and effortlessly depart the pontoon and have a great day out on the water. It all starts with a positive mental attitude, seeing what the tide can do to assist you. Oh, and a little bit of training won’t hurt either.

Part of the Mendez ethos is to build confidence in all aspects of boating and impart in our students a robust set of tried and tested boating principles and a positive approach to utilising, where possible, the available elements. If you are one of those who have yet to master using wind and time to aid your boat handling join us for a ‘Skill Building’ day or half day. Use the ‘Skill Building’ link for more information or to book a place,


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