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Build on your theory knowledge

Your practical boat handling skills are only as good as the underpinning theory knowledge that you have to go with it. Take time out this year to improve your understanding of IRPCS/COLREGS, Navigation, Weather etc. With so many leisure boaters and commercial vessels operating in the same waters; knowing both your obligations and those of the other vessels is a possible game changer. No one…
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Some months ago we published a set of Speed Quizzes aimed at helping reduce the tedium of the first Covid Lockdown. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who registered to take part in the quizzes, identifying to us that there is a need for us to continue creating such quizzes. In response to the many messages of support for this initiative we have…
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Commercial Endorsement

One of the questions we are consistently asked at Mendez Marine is How do I get a Commercial Endorsement?   If you want to work on boats you will need a commercial endorsement on your RYA Qualifications.  The official statement is "A commercial endorsement is required for work on board British flagged vessels subject to the MCA's codes of practice for small commercial vessels.'  …
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RYA Yachtmaster Prep Course

As an RYA Recognised Training Centre we exist to train and educate boaters at all levels. The RYA Yachtmaster qualification is an aspiration & goal for many leisure boaters and also a pre-requisite for progression for many professional boaters. We see many candidates from both groups coming through Mendez Marine, most with all the pre-requisite knowledge and practical skills and occasionally a few without. The…
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