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RYA Powerboat Instructor

RYA Powerboat Instructor

“The Instructor is a competent & experienced powerboat handler who has been trained to teach Powerboating up to the standard of the RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) under the supervision of the Principal of a RYA Training Centre” From the ‘Powerboat Instructor Handbook (G19)’

Who runs the course?
The course is run by a Powerboat Trainer with one Trainer per 3 potential Instructors. Trainers are chosen, assessed & trained by the RYA as being those able to run and assess Instructor courses. The course is additionally moderated on the last day by another Trainer, who adds real value by providing an alternative perspective on the scheme and ensures that the RYA Powerboat Instructor course has been delivered to the standards required.

For candidates taking their course with Mendez Marine the course price includes the pre-assessment. which is a three hour session assessing your current abilities with either a pass or action plan to allow entry to the Powerboat Instructors Course.

If you just need the pre- assessment then you can book that at a cost of £75 on the same dates. We can also run them at bespoke times please call for details.

For full details from the RYA website of the pre-requisites required to become a Powerboat Instructor click here.


Pre-course experience Candidates should have logged at least five seasons’ experience of powerboating, preferably in a range of boat types and sizes. For those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time occupation, this period is reduced to one season. 
Assumed knowledge Candidates will hold the RYA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) and a valid First Aid Certificate of a type approved by the RYA. Instructors wishing to teach the Safety Boat course must hold that level of certificate themselves. 
Minimum duration 3 days including moderation day. 
Minimum age 16 years
Course content This is an intensive three day course which is a mixture of continual assessment and instruction.

The course will consist of: principles of practical instruction, lesson planning, teaching styles, use of questioning, preparation and use of visual aids, assessment of students’ learning, explanation and presentation of theory subjects, the structure of the scheme, planning progressive teaching sessions, preparation of boats and equipment and teaching methods to Powerboat Level 2 standard. 

Ability after the course To be able to Instruct Powerboating up to the standard of the RYA National Powerboat certificate (level 2) under the supervision of the Principal of an RYA Training Centre. Instructor certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.

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