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Rope & Rope-work

Have you ever wanted to learn a few basic knots, splice an eye into the end of a mooring line, make a monkeys fist or wanted to whip the end of your frayed lines – we have the course for you.

Mendez Marine are running a number of basic, 1 day, ‘Rope & Rope-work’ courses designed to give you the basic skills as mentioned above. It will be a full and fun day of hands on practical rope work. Some of these basic skills could help save you having to spend money paying for something that you could easily do yourself.  Boating of any kind is not a cheap hobby so every opportunity to save a penny by doing a simple task yourself should be leapt on.

Learn to make your own fixed/permanent dock lines, fender lines that are the correct length, a monkeys fist for your dog to chew! Make good frayed or damaged lines, extend the life of a mooring line for one more season. Learn the qualities of differing types of rope – man made and natural.

This courses is suitable for all ages – from about 12 upwards.  Ideally you will have some interest in sailing, power-boating or motor cruising.

All materials and tools are supplied so all you need to bring is enthusiasm. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 persons (subject to Covid restrictions).

This a a fun day where everyone gets to take something away with them as a memento of the day and in addition there will be a couple of prizes to won.

This is an interest or up-skilling course. It is not certificated by the RYA though Mendez Marine will be very happy to give you a certificate of attendance.

Pre-course experience No pre-course experience is required but an interest on boating is desireable
Assumed knowledge No assumed knowledge
Minimum duration Classroom 1 day (7 Hours)
Minimum age 10 – 15 year olds welcome if accompanied by a parent  
Course content Course topics include:

  • Types and properties of man made and natural fibre rope
  • Rope Safety
  • Cleating, Coiling + Cheesing
  • Basic Knots
  • Soft eye splices
  • Common whipping
  • Tying a ‘Monkeys Fist’
Ability after the course Able to tie a variety of knots. Splice mooring and fender lines. Can whip rope ends
No. of StudentsThis course is limited to 10 students.

The basic seamanship course is not certificated by the RYA. Students will receive a course attendance certificate. For further information please contact the office.

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