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Understanding your Chart Plotter – Basic to Masterclass

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Our instructors talk to many boaters who struggle with the electronic equipment fitted to their boats! even experienced boaters don’t get the best out of their expensive equipment. Some systems have complicated menu systems that leave users baffled.

Are you fed up with alarms going off?  Would you like to understand how these alarms can help you?

Do you wish you could change your chart to only show the information you want?

Do you want to understand tracks, waypoints and routes?  Do you want to know how to show or hide them on the display?

The Mendez Marine ‘Understanding your Chart Plotter’ course is designed to help you understand navigation equipment and how you can use it to better inform yourself  and use your equipment to navigate more effectively.  This is not an RYA certificated course.

Mendez Marine have a number of Chart-plotters in their electronics suite to help guide you through the different systems on both new and older equipment.  You are welcome to bring your own chart plotter, but you will need a power lead, but speak to us beforehand.



Pre-course experience No pre-course experience is required
Assumed knowledge No assumed knowledge
Minimum duration Classroom 1 day (7 Hours)
number on Course Maximum 8 students
Minimum age No minimum age  
Course content Course topics include:

  • Setting up your MFD / GPS Unit (Multi-Function Display)
  • Understanding how alarms aid navigation
  • Getting the most out of your target settings
  • Setting up your chart screens
  • Making up new pages and overlaying information boxes
  • Understanding the information displayed on your data pages (i.e.cross track error)
  • Understanding True & Relative vectors and setting them up
  • Understanding tracks, routes and waypoints
  • Overlaying AIS or Radar on the screen
  • Automatic Information System (AIS)
  • Finding tidal height information and speed
  • Measuring distances
  • Interrogating chart objects
  • Other features
Ability after the course Have a better understanding of features and functionality of electronic navigation equipment
No. of StudentsThis course is limited to 6 students.

If you want to know more about Radar please check out our 2-day RYA Radar Plus course

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