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Mendez Marine are committed to educating boaters to make boating both safe and fun.  Every now and then we find something worth sharing…

Associated British Ports (ABP) have produced a very useful guide for leisure boaters navigating in the Southampton area.  As the port of Southampton and its adjacent waters get busier with commercial traffic it is important that we, as leisure boaters, understand our obligations in relation to commercial vessels operating in such confined waters. Whilst it seems that there is a wide expanse of water for us to navigate the navigable channel for large commercial traffic is very restrictive.  In addition some larger vessels, light, partially loaded or unevenly trimmed ships may require to maintain a higher “as safe as navigation permits” speed to remain under full control.  Following the rules or guidance notes will not make your boating any less enjoyable but it could make it much safer.

ABP Yachtsman’s Guide

All the information contained within the ABP guide is available from other sources such as almanacs and charts but having it collated into one easily understood document is very useful.

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