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Suggested check list for vessels on a Cruise in Company

Boating Knowledge
  • Charts and publication for area of travel in date
  • GPS or plotter or combined version with correct charts
  • Navigation tools – pencil, plotter, dividers
  • Extra warps and fenders
  • Fire Blanket
  • Main Anchor complete with safety lanyard
  • Kedge Anchor with 10m chain and suitable warp – warp also acts as a towline so min 20m
  • Wood panel to cover any broken hatch
  • Softwood wooden bungs for all seacocks
  • Radar Reflector aboard, preferable fitted at all times
  • Good First Aid Kit preferable to Cat C standard
  • Decent buoyant life ring, preferable with a light
  • Fixed VHF set with licence
  • Hand Held VHF Radio – kept charged
  • Buoyant throw line
  • Fire extinguishers best is 1 per cabin of 5A 34B type in cabins, check engine room system
  • Fit smoke alarms best is 1 in each cabin
  • Flare Pack Offshore pack is 4 x Red Parachute 6 x Red hand, 2 x Buoyant smoke as cruising with other boats a Coastal pack of 2 x Red Parachute 2 x Red hand 2 x Buoyant smoke will suffice.
  • Lifelines for a lifejacket in case you need to sort something on deck in a seaway
  • Lifejackets for each person + two spares preferably serviced within the last 2 years. With lights if used at night
  • Anchor Ball
  • Torch 1 per cabin is great.
  • Searchlight, fitted to many boats I like a plug in version as well – easier to use.
  • Mayday Radio Procedure card at each helm, with the Call sign and MMSI number of the vessel on it
  • Hand held Fog Horn either mouth blown or compressed air with spare canister to augment ships horn
  • Life-raft capable of holding all on board, if mounted on desk with a hydrostatic quick release. Service in date.
  • Compass that can be read from the helm
  • Hand Held Compass.
  • Barometer great aid to the weather
  • Buckets with lanyards
  • Automatic bilge pump – usually fitted by manufacturer
  • Manual bilge pump – usually fitted by manufacturer
  • Boarding ladder fold up if vessel not so fitted
  • Binoculars
  • Long shore power cable, or extension.
  • Spare water and emergency food
  • Spares box with Jubilee clips to all pipe work, engine and gearbox oil, Fuel filters, both pre and main, impellor and drive belts, fuses, cable ties, insulating and self amalgamating tape, spare bulbs for lights and navigation lights.
  • Tool box with a selection of suitable tools.
  • Proof on Insurance
  • Ships papers
  • Ships radio licence
  • Your personal radio licence
  • Any maritime qualifications you hold (E.G. ICC or Day Skipper)
  • Register your boat on the MCA CG66 scheme.
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