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Making the most of these troubling times

Whether in self-isolation or unable to go to work for the next few weeks; now could be a good time to crack on and do those online courses that you have been promising yourself to do.  For many, ‘Time’ is a rare commodity, work and family pressures can easily consume our daily lives and somethings just never get done.  Mendez Marine is committed to the education of boaters, we want people to be safe on the water and we want them to have fun.  As we have said previously, well trained, confident boaters will enjoy their boating safe in the knowledge that they are equipped to deal with just about all situations.

There are a number of online RYA training courses available that in normal times you might not find the time to do but now, with potentially some time available, you should consider doing.

Updating existing knowledge

When did you do your VHF exam, did it cover DSC?  Have you thought about taking your boat on the inland waterways?  Would you like to commercially endorse an existing qualification?  If you had better navigational theory knowledge, would you cruise further?  Have you ever wanted to navigate using the planets or stars…?  There are a plethora of courses to choose from that will either enhance your existing knowledge or teach you new skills entirely.

If you hold an RYA Day Skipper certificate why not upgrade and qualify as an RYA Yachtmaster?  That could start now by doing the online RYA Yachtmaster theory course whilst you have the time.  There may be aspects of your boating that you feel extremely confident in and aspects that you have yet to master.  Don’t continue to shy away from visiting some anchorages or small harbours/inlets because you struggle with calculating secondary ports.  Your boating can be so much more enjoyable if you can visit new places within your existing cruising ground.

Is ‘Online’ learning for me

Online training courses are not for everyone but you won’t know if it works for you until you try it.  Todays online courses are intuitive, interactive and support is available from experienced instructors throughout the course.  For some people online learning means that they can undertake modules at a pace that suits them.



If in doubt or if you need more information about our online courses give us a call  or drop us an email.


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