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Southampton Notice to Mariners No.5 (T) of 2020 -Calshot Dolphin

What are RYA Instructors, examiners and trainers going to use now?  One of the local resources used by many RYA Recognised Training Centres is no more.  The ‘dolphin’, just south of Calshot Spit, had been used for many years as a test of practical navigation, at night, for both sail and power students; a favourite for many an instructor/examiner.  So what made it such a great resource: it was unlit, it was in shallow water and there wasn’t that much to see of it at High Water.  To future RYA Yachtmaster students we say, don’t worry there are still plenty of interesting unlit, hard to see and testing night navigation exercises to keep your spirits up.

The NTM indicates that there may still be some debris in the vicinity that may constitute an obstruction. Mariners are advised to remain clear until full clearance can be achieved.

Alas, there are no plans to replace the dolphin.

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