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Today, the RYA have confirmed that practical training courses, as of the 29th March 2021, for leisure boaters can resume. This is great news for us and other RYA Recognised Training Centres and of course the boating public.

There are still Covid mitigation protocols to be observed so no classroom courses until a future update from the Government and the RYA. Travel restrictions remain in place and overnight stays on boats are still not allowed.

It’s been a long time for many people since they last enjoyed the motion of a boat on the water. I can’t stress enough the importance of checking your boats systems before you venture out of the marina. Engines need servicing, sea cocks need servicing, charts need updating, life jackets need checking if not servicing. The list goes on, you know your boat!

The main thing is to enjoy your boating but be safe, respect other boaters and forgive those who haven’t, yet, found the sea…

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