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Our 10th Year

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MM-Logo-10yrsAs I sit here in the warm looking at the snow falling I almost needed a reminder of why we do boating!

Then it dawned on me, not only was it February but 2015, that makes it 10 years since I decided that driving a desk at the RYA was to be a thing of the past and I should start my own little maritime business. Little did I realise that 10 years on we would have taught not only over a thousand boat owners but umpteen others on our own school boats. Everything from a gentle introduction to boats and crewing, through to a full blown Yachtmaster exams in far corners of the world.

Some things have really changed in that time. Boats have got much larger, 10 years ago anything over 35 foot was considered a big boat, now many customers start with a craft of over 50 feet. They have got more sophisticated with plush interiors, swish electronic navigation suites that make some things so simple, even crew cabins to stow the instructor.

How we meet customers has also changed, it used to be at boat shows, through magazines and the web was a gentle way to find a few new people. Now it is full blown social media and the web being a major source of new business.

For us recommendation has always been key and for that we thank you. Many of you have returned, some just the once, others on numerous occasions, to become not just fellow boaters but firm friends, which has really helped to make what we do so rewarding. Now I need to ask for your help to take Mendez Marine forward into our second decade. If you have been happy with the team and we have had many wonderful words of feedback over the years, then please tell us but even more importantly tell everybody else!

You can do that now on Twitter, Facebook and now even Google+, if you are feeling especially pleased then search for us on Google and write us a review on our Google listing. All of this helps us to be here for you when you need us next for everything from a cup of tea if passing, especially if you trained with Julie!, to some serious guidance on the next prospective purchase or that trip that your heart is willing you to take.

So, from me, a huge Thank you to you for being our customers and to the team of instructors and assistants that have supported us over the last 10 years. 10 years older, 10 years wiser and 10 years of Fun!

Come and join us for the next 10!

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