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What if I want to make a complaint?

  1. Mendez Marine are committed to providing exceptional training
  2. Mendez Marine are committed to ensuring that all boats, equipment, training aids and facilities are kept in top condition and up to date.
  3. Students who express dissatisfaction during the course are encouraged to raise verbally with their instructor in the first instance or with the chief instructor or one of the Principals as soon as possible.
  4. The Principal will discuss the complaint \ expression of dissatisfaction, with the student as soon as practical and aim to overcome the issue. The Principal may suggest that a complaint is made to the RYA.
  5. Written expressions of dissatisfaction or complaints are acknowledged within 48hours.
  6. Dissatisfaction with instruction, instructors or school processes will be discussed with the instructor, the Principal and Chief Instructor and, as appropriate, with the RYA Chief Instructor Power.
  7. If appropriate or necessary, the RYA Chief Instructor will contact the complainant on the RTC’s behalf.
  8. The RYA Chief Instructor or the School Principal will follow up any complaint and feedback to the complainant within 7-days.
  9. Any instructors who break the RYA code of conduct and work outside of Mendez Marine operations manual will be removed from our books.
  10. Where appropriate recompense may be offered to the complainant in the form of discounts on further courses or consideration made to refunding part of any course fees.
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