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Day Skipper Level Theory PLUS

Upcoming Day Skipper Level Theory PLUS Courses

Price - £225.00
Price - £225.00
Limited availability please call us for more info.
Price - £225.00
Price - £225.00

The RYA Day Skipper practical course requires you to have theory knowledge up to Day Skipper level. However you don’t have to have the RYA qualification.

We are now offering 2 days in the classroom to give you enough theory and navigation knowledge to enable you to pass the 4-day practical course.

The 2-day Classroom sessions are held on the days prior to the start of the practical course

if you book the 2-day classroom course at the same time as a Day Skipper Practical an automatic discount will be applied.

Minimum attendance 2 students
Maximum attendance 4 students
Assumed knowledge None
Course content  A basic introduction to seamanship, basic navigation, pilotage, safety procedures and Collision Regulations for use in local waters
Ability after the course To have enough theory knowledge to pass the RYA Day Skipper practical course
Minimum Age 16 years

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